Distinguish your business with the warmth of timber framing. Timber frame structures provide long-lasting value to community projects.

The impressive timber structure has an immense effect upon the human senses; in the same way beautiful scenery or pleasant smells or fine art affect us – the natural beauty of wood evokes the same way. A well-designed space can create the same impression and creating this unique, visually appealing and creative interior can help you stand out from your competitors and makes your retail experience more memorable.

Business people are always trying to have that curb appeal to help entice clients through their doors. Wise Owl joinery has been involved in a cheese factory, local covered pavilion at a picnic park, arbors that greet people through gardens, hunting and fishing store and expansion on a fruit growers farm.

Why should you choose heavy timber frame over steel for your industrial or commercial building?

  • Industrial and commercial heavy timber construction is now more cost effective than structural steel in many cases
  • Wood is a natural recyclable and renewable resource, it is LEED and Green built compatible and will reduce your carbon footprint
  • Heavy timber construction can achieve more complex and creative structures more cost effectively than steel
  • Off-site pre-manufactured heavy timber frame allows shorter construction times and maximized potential production
  • Timber frame buildings consume the least energy during production; create healthier environments and better workplaces.