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Timber frame retail store addition
Fox Hill Cheese House, Port Williams, Nova Scotia – Winter 2003

It was early fall and I was working in the shop as usual. Local dairy farmer Richard Rand came over and introduced himself to me.

He told me of a long time dream of making cheese at his farm.

The Rands were building a large structure, and in the retail section where customers would be able to view the cheese-making through a window, they wanted timber framing.

A short two weeks later, we finalized the drawings for the 12’ x 20’ store.

The general contractor and his helper were there on raising day to lend a hand.

The best moment during the raising was watching Levy LeBlanc, Richard Rand’s father-in-law drive some pegs. Levy is a veteran woodworker from the Margaree, Cape Breton Island.

A couple of years later, business had taken off for the Rands, and Fox Hill Cheese House was getting bus tours.

We built an outdoor pavilion for them.

Outdoor picnic pavilion for customers

Fox Hill Cheese House, Port Williams, Nova Scotia– 2005

A couple of years after we had built a timber frame addition for Fox Hill Cheese House’s retail outlet, owner Richard Rand paid us another visit. His business had taken off and he wanted to create an outdoor pavillion where clients could sit down and enjoy their cheese or to have lunch. By then, Fox Hill Cheese House was getting bus tours, so they needed a good sized patio. Through sketches and discussions, we came up with a fun structure.

The pavillion featured flared-out rafter tails, 80 feet of railings with barn swallows throughout, built-in benches in each corner, walk-through arbours with Dutch tenons, gunstock posts and a double ridge.

This timber framed gem sees a great deal of use.