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Wise Owl Joinery was established in 2001. Our dream workshop allows us to be efficient, comfortable and productive. Two large doors open up to the entire width of the building enabling us to bring in long timbers with the fork lift. Custom built cabinets extend to the ceiling in each corner, providing ample tool storage with no wasted space. An energy efficient heat pump heats the shop for year round production.

The upper floor contains of a 12’ X 20’ office with a conference table for meetings with clients. We also have a nice library of sample blocks with over 50 colors to choose from. Clients can browse through one of our portfolios for design ideas and inspiration.

The outside has generous overhangs which house our seasoned timbers. There are also 2 heavy duty timber racks with custom roofs that protect more timbers.

Wise Owl Joinery also keeps on hand large wide planks for timber components such as stair stringers, treads, mantles and custom tables .

Our inventory gives us the advantage when tackling new projects with less wait time for clients.