A beautiful combination of soaring timber frame and straw bale construction.
The Advantage of this harmonious union

If kept dry, a timber frame should last almost indefinitely. To maximize your home’s energy efficiency, your insulation should be uninterrupted. This is where straw bale and timber frames make for a beautiful combination. A straw bale wrap provides a continuous wall of insulation around the timber frame, providing excellent energy efficiency and protecting the framing from weathering. With a sound roof and foundation, this combination should result in a very long-lasting home. The use of large timbers means that the straw bales do not need to be notched, saving on labor, and leaving the frame exposed on the interior is aesthetically appealing and a functional way to divide living spaces.

The benefits of straw bale and timber framing are highly complementary, and the best aspects of each can be fully realized when the two are in combination.