Hybrid House With Creative Timber Frame Elements

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Hybrid house with creative timber frame elements
Darryl & Jill Plandowski, Port Williams, Nova Scotia

This project was fun and economical for the clients. Because the house was large, it was decided to do a hybrid, with timber framing in different areas of the home.

The first phase took us to the 30’ x 30’ room above the two-bay garage. We used hemlock timbers for the rafters because of their length.

On some occasions the client can pitch in and help with staining timbers. So Darryl was involved in applying coats of Benjamin Moore cherry stain and one coat of Sansin timber sealer to the seasoned timbers. We were very pleased with the results.

The vaulted ceiling in the main part of the house displays three king post trusses with two joining ridges. Local stone mason Bobby Smith did his magic with the stonework on the fireplace. The mantle edge was finished by hand with a drawknife, and facets left by the tool can be seen in the picture above . The timber posts in the upper hallway (right) match the trusses and support the railings, providing a venue from which to appreciate the trusses.

The third phase took us to the front porch where Richard suggested his custom post boots which add not only anchors to the posts but an elegant detail to the overall project. The combination of timbers, stonework and metal make for a striking entry.

The icing on the cake was when the clients asked Richard to do something at the entrance to the great room. Having the luxury of 10’ high ceilings, we could be creative with large gunstock posts and graceful knee braces for the archway.

We also supplied the newel post and the first heavy timber tread of the staircase.

Hybrid House With Creative Timber Frame Elements