Wise Owl Joinery has a vast product line that is full of individual components for all aspects of a home, both inside and out. Whether they are an option for a pre-existing design, for a project with a tight budget or to include a timber frame element in just the right places. Timber frame elements can also be integrated into log or stick frame structures, creating interesting visual appeal.

This form of construction has been around for centuries. By using a variety of mortise and tenon joinery to join one timber to another fastened with wooden pegs. One can soon notice the difference in this style with the vaulted roofs, gunstock posts, curved knee braces and timber floor systems. All the components are fabricated in our shop, prefitted and finished before shipping and assembling on your site.

Timber offers a unique style, exceptional strength, sustainable design, are energy efficient and have undeniable character.

Timber Framing Interior Post

After the design is established, then we get an engineer stamp for approval. Sometimes we have metal components fabricated for bottoms of posts or trusses if the situation calls for it.

All things timber.

Timber frame components can be created and incorporated into new or renovated buildings built with other construction techniques:

  • Add-ons like sunrooms and “great rooms”
  • Timber frame additions incorporated into new construction
  • Timber roof systems
  • Complete timber floor systems

Part of every project.

Brackets, trusses, entryways, roof systems, porches, balconies, living rooms, feature rooms, bay windows, carports, greenhouses, pergolas, right through to interior mantels. By joining a few timber frame components to any conventional frame you will create a “timber frame hybrid” which offers timber framing where it’s appreciated most.

Wise Owl Joinery can assist you with a complete, “Timber Frame Extreme Home Makeover“